Shannon at Michael’s

Cat FigurineUgh, this figurine selection is just not what I need.  Michael’s is definitely phoning it in.  Last time they only had cartoon characters and a bunch of Santas and elves left over from Christmas time.  Nothing appropriate for people my age.  When I first started giving friends these painted figurines as presents, I think a lot of them thought I was mentally ill or something.  I mean really, what young adults a) give each other home-made presents, and b) hand paint plaster figurines for fun?  But now it’s definitely become something of a competition to see who has the most and which ones I pick out for different occasions.  Take Rachel’s birthday, for example.  She got some scarves, gift certs, obviously regifted stuff.  You know, nice enough from friends who are just starting to make money, but certainly nothing that said her birthday meant that much to the giver.  Then she opens my present and it’s a little painted kitten.  Everyone gasped and then pretended they weren’t impressed, but took turns holding him and looking at all the detail work in the calico.  Rachel came up to me later and thanked me profusely, almost in tears, which I didn’t see her do for anyone else.  But with people expecting them now, it’s kind of starting to take over my life.  I can’t just slap some pink on a My Little Pony figurine and call it a day anymore.  I have to specially select the figurine and paints in terms of the season, the occasion, the giftee’s personality.  And these figs from Michael’s just aren’t giving me the selection I need anymore.  Not to devote even more mental and physical energy to this, but I think I need to think seriously about that suggestion from Bob.  He mentioned that his father teaches a plaster and ceramics class at the community college on weekends.  I’m sure everyone else will be making vases and lumpy mugs, but I wonder if I could make some plaster birds or maybe even a tiny replica of the barricade from Les Miserables.  Jacob’s 30th birthday is coming up, and that would be just right.

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