Jonathan the Aspiring Actor

DramaOh, wow, Mrs. Jackson, that took a whole lot of imagination.  To cast the albino kid as the ghost in the school play.  What, are you thinking you’re going to save big on makeup costs?  That this will be a super edgy and totally PC statement of color-blind casting?  Everyone knows you want to be a director full-time and you’re only teaching high school this year because you unexpectedly had twins instead of just one kid over the summer.  I can just see you formulating what you’re going to say to the local media that will be sure to feast on the delicious irony you’ve served up to them.  “Jonathan?  Well, he just best encapsulated the qualities of the ghost.  It had nothing to do with his albinism; it was the strength of his spirit shining through.”  Right.  Nothing to do with the fact that pets, little kids and my own grandmother find me frightening on an everyday basis.  I’m sure that you seeing the other kids stare at me and whisper every day in the halls had nothing to do with deciding I could be a good ghost.  None of that ever burrowed its way into your subconscious so that after you fed the twins and yelled at your husband to get a better-paying job and sat down to cast, you just jumped to the conclusion that my pink eyes would glare soullessly out at the audience and give them nightmares.  Well, for your information, I’m getting my tinted contact lenses next week.  So by the time the first rehearsal rolls around, you’ll have lost your demon ghost and instead I’ll look like any other kid with white makeup would – pathetic.  And if you try to make me take them out, I’ll yell discrimination to the press when they come to interview me.  And you’ll never be able to be a director full-time.

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