Anna the Replacement CEO

Blank FaceI have to remember to smile.  That was the main complaint I always read about her in the papers and blogs – that she never smiled, she was always pursing her lips or keeping a look of utter impassivity on her face.  I secretly admired that quality in her, especially toward the end.  It’s easy to keep a blank face when you’re unquestionably in charge, but once the wheels start to fall off the bus and the whispering begins, a quiver here and there is only to be expected.  But she never cracked.  Obviously I’m hoping (not hoping, that’s passive, aiming) for a much longer and more positive outcome that her, but if the same fate were to befall me – a loss of confidence in the staff, a betrayal by the board, public skewering – I’m not sure I could hold my face as still as hers.  A frown now and then would surely slip through.

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