Edna the Student Loan Officer

Highway SignShe clicked into the man’s record, pulling the phone away from her ear as he continued to go on and on about hardship deferment and income-based repayment.  It was clear from the computer that this was the very first time he had called the office about any of these issues and had just looked those words up on the internet, so there really wasn’t much she could say.  If only she was more like Miranda – she didn’t care what the person on the phone was saying about their job or kids or anything, she just read what it said on the screen about interest rates and repayment, then put them on hold for a while to stew.  When she came back 7 or 8 minutes later, they were ready to discuss repayment options with her.  Edna just couldn’t do it.  When she heard someone say that the reason they missed the last three payments was because their dog broke its leg and needed surgery and physical therapy, how was she supposed to imply that they were lying?  What a terrible thing to do to someone!  Also, there was the little issue of her own student loans.  Miranda could never find out, but the reason Edna had taken this awful job in the first place was to learn more about the computer systems and how the records were kept.  She was barely able to pay the interest on her loans from college, and she couldn’t keep it up with the two jobs forever.  If there were some way to reduce payments, or even wipe a few out, that would be an enormous help.  She might be able to save enough to put a safety deposit down on a new apartment closer to the city – it was depressing to still be stuck in this college town three years out of school, not a step closer to doing what she wanted.  So while Miranda put them on hold and filed her nails and ate those disgusting oatmeal and egg microwaveable breakfasts, Edna listened to the people who called in and found herself nodding in agreement.  What right did the school and the banks have to demand repayment when the degrees were worth nothing?  It seemed pretty clear that the whole system was corrupt, and she would only be helping to set things straight.

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