Boniface the Twin Brother

HamsterXavier’s hamster is better than mine.  He’s a little longer and a little thicker.  I love Peanut, but maybe I would love him even more if he was as shiny and big as Toto.  Just cause Xavier is a little bigger than me doesn’t mean he should get the bigger hamster.  Once I start karate I’ll be bigger and stronger, probably stronger than him with his stupid guitar lessons.  Dad says when I was born I was so small the doctors didn’t know if I could breathe.  Stupid Xavier took all the food in Mom’s stomach and left me with nothing.  But it didn’t matter, cause I wanted to live and so I did and I gained a ton of weight and looked awesome after a week.  That’s probably my favorite story about myself.  Xavier’s favorite is the time we went swimming and I almost drowned and he saved me.  But the reason I almost drowned is because he kicked me in the stomach when we were over our heads, so it really isn’t a happy story like everyone thinks.  I think, looking at Peanut, that he can get bigger than Toto.  He has big paws, like Doggie, and Dad said when Doggie was a puppy that meant she would get real big and now she’s bigger than all the dogs on the block combined.  Me and Peanut, we’re going to eat a ton and do lots of karate together and work on mental toughness and then we’ll challenge Xavier and Toto to a fight and beat them both.  And then I’ll have a new favorite story about myself.

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