Terry the Nursing Home Cook

Grilled CheeseYa think there’d be a bigger fryer for this whole place.  There’s 80 of ‘em out there, waiting with their mouths open like baby birds, and I got to fry these chicken wings 20 at a time.  Barely can get ‘em out on the hot plates before they’re snatched up and gobbled down.  I give it to these folks, they like their food.  Workin’ at the country clubs, made me want to spit to see how much food those people wasted.  Grilled cheeses with one damn bite taken out of it, thrown down on the pool deck to rot in the chlorine water.  They get some hamburgers and eat just the patty, leave the whole bun out on the table for the birds.  That ain’t right.  Kids starving, these people don’t even eat no cheeseburger they paid $15 for.  Or put on their accounts and someone else paid for, I guess.  I come over here last year expecting the same kinda thing, wasted food all over the place, but turns out these folks sure do love a cookout!  Show ‘em a hot dog and they happy for days.  Break out the french fries and whoa, you got a party on your hands!  It’s nice to see people go back to likin’ their food again at the end.  Seems like when you young, you always tryin’ to eat the right thing, be skinny, look hot.  Then you get middle-aged and it’s all about not havin’ heart attacks and blowing gaskets and dyin’ early.  Once you get to these folks’ ages, it don’t matter no more.  Ya lived, ya didja thing, now you’re in the home waitin’ for the end.  Might as well enjoy those french fries and have a little party witcha damn self!

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