Jane the Marketing Exec

Freeze TagDear 8-year-old self,

There’s no need to be afraid of the closet.  When you’re in high school you’ll spend all your extra money buying more clothes to cram into it.  Don’t be jealous of Frankie across the road.  In two years you’ll get a puppy for your birthday too, one that will be way cuter than his.  Even though there’s some pain coming down the road from this, don’t stop climbing fences and trees and jungle gyms.  Bones can be fixed, and you’ll always remember those days after school at the playground.  You should, though, stop pulling on your hair.  I can tell you that middle school is stressful enough without self-induced bald patches.  No matter what Mom says, it really doesn’t matter if you keep your nails clean or toenails clipped.  You’ll get a fungus from the showers at school when you’re 13 and have to paint them all the time anyway.  But don’t worry about that – it’s a minor thing in what can be, at times, a very happy life.  I won’t ruin anything for you (besides the puppy, of course, but that’s a good thing!) but just hold on to how you feel now.  Think about playing freeze tag when you get stressed at school; think about how stubborn you are with your brothers when people try to force you to make bad decisions.  And if you’re unhappy, just go to sleep for a while.  It works now just as well as it did then.

I love you,


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