Jojo the Dog’s Monday Night

Chicken ThighsMaster is sitting by the TV.  Master is watching that show with the brothers and the child that has the laugh track that hurts my ears.  Master is not keeping an eye on the chicken thigh on his leg.  He is laughing, laughing at the dark-haired man who is too old to be sleeping with all these attractive females on the show – even I can see it is not a realistic portrayal of pack life.  Master is reaching for his beer over on the table…now is the time…I’VE GOT IT!!  I HAVE THE CHICKEN THIGH!!  I AM SWALLOWING THE WHOLE THING AT ONCE!!  Master is trying to grab me and pry my mouth but it is too late, I have started to swallow…IT’S STUCK IT WON’T GO DOWN, oh, it’s SCRATCHING!  It’s scratching the inside of my throat…I’M CHOKING MASTER HELP ME!!  What is he…his whole hand down my throat oh I hope he can reach it please please help me get it out I promise I will never steal your chicken thigh again please master please I will never…IT’S OUT!  MASTER HAS SAVED ME!!  I LOVE YOU MASTER!!

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