Tanya the Job Candidate

Wet Noodles and a PuppyGirl, I don’t care how thick and wet and curly your hair is.  Don’t be showing up at no interview with a sopping wet Medusa mess on your head thinking you look professional.  I might not be wearing heels, but at least I stuck my head under that blowdryer until my ears almost fell off.  Yeah, I know – you got thick hair that takes like 4 hours to dry.  I’ve heard it before.  So get up at 3am and slap a diffuser on your dryer until that situation is handled!  I see you looking at me – probably thinking I don’t look like much competition and you don’t have to worry about me stealing this job from you.  But I know you heard these recruiters laughing when I was in there, and it was not at my resume.  I got wit and charm and you got a bed of wet noodles on your head.  So who’s looking like the better choice, huh?

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