Toby the New Father

Fisher CatA Room of One’s Own – that was my sister’s favorite book in college.  She was always talking about having a place just for her where she could paint and think and probably read magazines and talk on the phone.  I made fun of her for that, but now I think I’m finally coming around to the idea.  Of having a space for you to do your thing, not worry about what other people need or want or feel about it.  I just want a room of my own to keep the rats and feed them and make sure they have enough time and space to grow before I sell them off to the pet stores.  Melinda doesn’t like the idea of what happens to them, but it’s just the natural way of things.  Animals feed other animals and eventually everything comes back to humans being at the top of the chain.  We’re in charge.  She has this ridiculous idea that that the fisher cats up here are going to smell the rats and come into the house to get them and end up eating the baby.  First off, fishers are not as common as everyone thinks, and secondly, good!  I need them to come and get the rats out of here.  Maybe if I took them in their cages up to Johnston or another place where the fishers live they could help me out…getting eaten by a cat is probably better than a snake, anyway.  Faster and smoother.  I would rather be torn apart in a second than feel acid seeping through my skin and bones.  If she won’t bring the baby home with the rats still living here, I have no choice.  Barring a room of my own, this seems like the best solution for getting the rats out of the house.  The best idea I have.

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  1. Monica says:

    projo inspired!

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