Nancy the Clingy Orphanage Administrator

Child AthleteAnd there goes another one, out the door and out of my life forever.  This is supposed to be a happy day with the rest of the staff – a child placed, a family made, another room available.  But every time it feels like it did when my own kids went to college.  A hole just opens up inside of me and instead of thinking about the opportunities the kids are going to have in their new homes, all I can think about is what I’m not going to have anymore.  Dixie did the most complex shadow puppet shows – no one has come close to her skill level since she was placed with the gay couple in Rockport.  Tomas could stop traffic with his big green eyes, flecked with gold – I look at the children we have now and their eyes are just so average, so cloudy blue or murky brown.  I doubt his foster parents ever look into his eyes as deeply as I did every night, noting all the different color gradations.  The worst, though, has been today with Libby.  The breath catches in my chest when I think about that girl’s potential.  So tall for her age, flexible beyond belief, muscles already starting to pop out on her arms and legs at the age of 3.  I wanted to shake the adoptive parents when they talked about day care and school and reading and church classes.  None of that! I wanted to scream, she’s a born athlete! You’ve got a Venus/Serena Williams on your hands, and you want to teach her to read?  She needs to be put in a sport immediately like gymnastics or swimming or weightlifting, something that will stunt her growth and keep her in that perfect prepubescent body until she becomes a world champion.  I said this to Peter as they took her away and he gave me the most terrible look, like he hadn’t been thinking the same thing about her.  I could barely eat the coconut cake at the party.  I just don’t think these parents appreciate what they’re getting.

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2 Responses to Nancy the Clingy Orphanage Administrator

  1. Willow says:

    This is great, Caitlin! I feel like I know this woman. Am I this woman?! 😉

  2. Yes Willow, whenever I channel a slightly insane orphanage administrator, I channel you as a starting point 🙂

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