Jesse the Philanthropist

twenty dollar billJesse knew he’d done the right thing, giving the homeless man the money he’d planned to use on Kristin’s birthday present. She would totally understand. He was already taking her out to a nice dinner regardless of the fact that he was going to have to charge it again, and this was probably going to make it so he wouldn’t be able to make even the minimum on his Visa this month.  The bum had just been so convincing with those open sores and sadness written on his face, yet his eyes had also twinkled a bit like Bubbles from The Wire, and Jesse was fairly convinced that he was going to take the $20 and get straight. Unlike Golden Voice Ted Williams, who anyone could see right from the very start was never going to turn things around.  This guy was going to pay for that night in a hotel, like he’d said. Jesse probably should have asked where the hotel was – $20/night was no joke, and maybe he could take Kristin there at some point in the future when she forgave him for the absence of a 24th birthday present. He had no clue what to get her anyway, and the fact that he had $20 at all was only because the clerk at CVS had punched in debit instead of credit and given him cash back on a credit card, which technically shouldn’t even be allowed to happen. But he also shouldn’t be allowed to pay his rent with credit cards, which seemed to be happening more and more frequently these days. He didn’t sweat it. Kristin had a good job at some PR firm talking to other PR people on the phone and she had enough free food and other perks to keep him fed and generally happy, even if she didn’t really seem to want to touch him anymore. Any really, would $20 worth of flowers or candy or whatever other cliché shit he bought for her at the last minute have solved that issue? Better just wait for her at the restaurant and hope she drank enough to forget about a present. If he started her out on vodkas she usually forgot what happened later in the night and he could claim she left the present under the table and it was her fault she didn’t have it anymore.  It would all work out.

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  1. Monica says:

    My favorite so far….love this format

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