Bus in the Wind

hamburgerIt’s a cold one tonight!  Good thing someone thought to cut the paths out to the bus on the sides of the street, cause there was no way I was gettin over them myself.  Not with the way the 22 comes barreling down the street – I’d probably fall right over the top of the snowdrift and end up a smush on the front of the big old bus windshield, mixed in with all the salt and dirt from Clark Street.  No, thank you!  Everyone around me is listening to their headphones and just enough sounds come out of each of them to mix together and make a comforting little hum as we go.  Normally I don’t like hearing other people’s music on the bus, but all of them thrown together like this, one on top of the other on the top of the other, is just about enough to put me asleep.  Even though they can’t hear anything they’re givin the girl across from me some evil eyes for eating a big old cheeseburger and fries, lickin her fingers and really shoveling it down.  They didn’t hear her call her mom and tell her not to make dinner because she already ate, and please don’t get up out of bed and go to the trouble.  I think they’re all just jealous – I know I am, because that burger right now is the first thing I’ve been smelling since the wind almost ripped my nose off my face, and it seems like the best and juiciest thing a human could ever hope to get in their mouth.  Maybe I’ll get one on my way back.  I hope that girl’s quiet when she gets in the door and lets her mother sleep a little – sounds from hearing this end of the call that she needs it.

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