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Modern Dating

I think tonight we’re gonna do Italian. I thought about a whole array of cuisines but sushi is too risky if she’s more conservative and likes her food cooked, and Mexican can definitely go wrong if she’s not used to … Continue reading

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Laura the Commercial Actress

Oh, Jesus.  I’m paired with this chick again?  I’ve just got to forget it, focus on me, not her.  Affirmation – only you can leech your own creative energy, no one else.  I just cannot believe she cost me that … Continue reading

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How to Get Ahead in Business

That girl is damn good at promoting herself, I’ll give her that.  Never hesitating to be giving everyone in the room her janky card, with those stripes and discolored photo of her face making her look like two shades darker … Continue reading

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Dana’s Dilemma

Dana looked down at her feet, just sticking out of the bottom of her evening gown.  Justin swore that they looked fine, but to her they seemed bulbous and unsightly.  They’d almost kept her home tonight.  It had been fine … Continue reading

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Reading Rainbow

It makes me sad to see people out walking their dogs in the winter.  Especially in the morning.  It seems like they’re always yanking on the leashes, snapping at the dogs to “hurry up and do it!” so they can … Continue reading

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Jane the Marketing Exec

Dear 8-year-old self, There’s no need to be afraid of the closet.  When you’re in high school you’ll spend all your extra money buying more clothes to cram into it.  Don’t be jealous of Frankie across the road.  In two … Continue reading

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Jojo the Dog’s Monday Night

Master is sitting by the TV.  Master is watching that show with the brothers and the child that has the laugh track that hurts my ears.  Master is not keeping an eye on the chicken thigh on his leg.  He … Continue reading

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